V9 Bobber Centenario



A special centenary calls for a special celebration and the V9 BOBBER CENTENARIO comes to the party with grit and determination. 

Like the V7 STONE and V85 TT, it sports an ultra-modern transverse V twin-cylinder and color schemes that evoke the legendary “Otto cilindri”. Delivering greater power and efficiency than ever before, this is a bike for demanding riders looking for unique style, riders who want to travel without comprise and, most importantly, riders who are ready to embrace the opportunity to be part of history in celebrating 100 extraordinary years.

A new heart, the same burning passion

The V9 BOBBER CENTARIO strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, with its new 850cc, Euro 5-compliant engine. More powerful and efficient than ever, it takes this model to unprecedented levels. This latest iteration of the mighty air-cooled 90° transverse V twin-cylinder delivers up to 65 horsepower at 6800 rpm while the torque also gets a hefty lift, now at 53.8 ft-lbs at 5000 rpm with over 80% available at just 3000 rpm.

Color your soul

The new V9 BOBBER CENTENARIO sports a host of distinctive and stylish details from the special anniversary Moto Guzzi logo on the side flank to to the brown saddle, matt grey fuel tank emblazoned with a golden eagle and, in a clear nod to the famous “Otto cilindri”, the green painted side panels and front mudguard.

Limited edition

They say that some trains only pass once in a lifetime, and the same applies to a handful of special motorcycles. The V9 BOBBER CENTENARIO is truly a unique bike, representing the extraordinary efforts of the Mandello del Lario design team to create something worthy of the momentous anniversary. The result is a Moto Guzzi that goes beyond the limit, both in terms of your imagination and its mighty 850 cc engine. This special edition is only available in the centenary year and is destined for diehard fans of the eagle who won’t want to miss the chance of a lifetime to be part of something truly legendary.